Recycle Magic Shows

Recycle Magic is fun education program that promotes caring for our environment by recycling and anti-litter. The program has been performed to thousands of primary school age children in schools, theatres and community centres throughout the UK and Ireland.

Recycle Magic has been part of environmental initiatives and has featured in Waste Fairs, Eco Projects and Anti -Litter campaigns, receiving positive comments from teachers, students and environmental education officers.

Featured at:
  • Sligo Science Fair

  • Belfast Waste Fair

  • Mayo Science Festival

  • Dublin Eco Week

  • Picnic at the Park (Botanical Gardens, Belfast)

Key Features
  • Meet Billy the Bird!

  • Learn about recycling & conservation in a fun way!

  • Jaw-dropping magic!

  • Fully interactive - everyone can join in!

The Show
  • 45 minute show

  • Provokes thought

  • Focuses on entertainment with elements of environmental awareness in an accessible, enjoyable format

  • Promotes awareness of recycling and encourages students to think about their own recycling