Mask Making

Mask making is a rewarding and creative process. It is an absorbing activity that helps focus children to the task at hand. Masks can be fun, mysterious and even frightening. When a mask is completed and worn for the first time a new character is born.

During the mask making process the atmosphere often changes from excited chit chat to a more concentrated state; students become concentrated as they focus on their work. From the planning stage through to production, children find mask making stimulating and challenging.

Once the masks are completed students begin the process of bringing their creation to life. This is an exciting time when the children try on their masks and develop a character. This can be a highly charged creative time when imagination has free rein.

The workshops are suited to your individual requirements for a variety of ages. A basic Mask Making session is 1 to 2 hours – depending on age. Extended sessions are also available for more involved mask and movement work.